How to order

There are 2 options for setting up an account ordering:

Through the 10 Green Bottles App – Free

Through the 10 Green Bottles voicemail service – admin fee of 30p per delivery

Orders must be in by 11.00pm 2 days before delivery (28 hours before delivery)


*Free to order

*Admin fee of 30p per delivery

Order using the 10 Green Bottles App 

Scan our app below and get started. Create an account and set up delivery details then load up your basket – we’ll deliver our fresh local produce and eco-friendly household products twice a week. Gone on holiday and forgotten to cancel? You can put your deliveries on hold from the departure lounge!

The 10 Green Bottles Voicemail Service

Whilst we would prefer people to use the app, we understand that not everyone has a smart phone or tablet. For these people we have set up a voicemail service that will enable them to order quickly and easily.

Taking down the orders this way creates more admin work for us when compared to the app. As a result, there will be a charge of 50p for each order or change in order made through the voicemail service. If you set up a standing order, the admin charge will be charged to the first delivery only and not for subsequent deliveries.

Step 1:   Call 01793 688834 and leave your name, address and telephone number

Step 2: We will contact you to set up an account and will email/ post a direct debit mandate

Step 3: Fill in the direct debit mandate and return it to us

Step 4: Call 01793 688834 and leave a message to set up individual purchases and standing orders

10 Green Bottles

Thanks to popular demand we are now back, but with a twist. This is why you will love 10 Green Bottles:

More Diversity. As well as dairy products, we also sell eggs, juice, bread, preserves, honey, washing up liquid and much more.

Delicious. All our products have been hand picked from local suppliers and chosen for the best quality.  

Fresh: Our milk and bread is produced on the day of delivery.

Convenient: Change your order up to 9.00pm the day before delivery.

Easy. Simple app based ordering and automatic direct debit. No cash.

Affordable. We work hard to make our products affordable to everyone.

Local. All of our food products are made by ourselves or by local suppliers.

Zero waste. All of our products are packaged in glass bottles, jars or tupperware containers that are returned, washed and re-used.

Ethical. All of our suppliers are given a premium price. We only use fair trade.

Safe. No unnecessary trips to the supermarket to buy milk.